• 20 minutes workout to a healthy life

    20 minutes workout to a healthy life
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    In our super busy life, one thing that usually takes the biggest blow is physical fitness. Either we are too late, too tired or simply not in a mood to follow a regular fitness regimen. The bad news is that negative repercussion of our work-life balance is borne by our bodies that are supposed to be our friends for life. The good news is that just about twenty minutes, spent correctly every day are enough for a healthy body!

    In this segment, we will introduce you to a fitness regime that takes 20 minutes and gives back a lot more.

    20 Minutes breakdown to health and fitness

    • First three minutes – Warm up is absolutely necessary before you begin a full-fledged exercise routine in order to reduce stress and injury of muscles. This includes combination of various techniques like stretching your body, marching on the spot by lifting your legs until your thigh is parallel to the floor, heel digs, shoulder rolls, head rotation, feet rotation and knee bends or rotation. Stretch all parts like arms, legs and back separately and finish it up by a full body stretch by lifting your heels on toes and reaching your arms straight towards the ceiling.
    • Fourteen minutes in between – According to your fitness level, you can divide these fourteen minutes into various ways and combine different types of exercises. It is advisable to cover exercises meant for every body part over a week. Say, one day you do upper body and abs followed by lower body and legs next day, and so on and forth. In case, you have a treadmill handy, then start with a slow walk for two minutes and then pump it up all the way until you break into a run and do this for next seven minutes and again slow down for a minute and stop. Now, you are left with four minutes that you can devote to crunches, weights, push ups, pull ups, squat jumps, side lunges, v-hold and planks.If you do not have a treadmill, then you can begin with ten Suryanamaskars and follow it up with rest of the exercises mentioned above. Suryanamaskar looks easy but it makes you sweat and stretch at the same time. You may also lend a twist to basic pose by holding yourself in a half sitting position while coming back to the standing pose. Holding weights will also increase the effectiveness of this pose.
    • Last three minutes – Cooling down is as essential as the warming up of the body. Again stretch your legs and body by sitting on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Then try and touch your toes with your finger tips. You can do this routine side ways too by extending one leg at a time to its side and touching the toes with one or both hands. If you had been running then slowing down and walking also makes for an effective cooling down. A yoga pose known as the ‘Cat Pose’ where you arch your back in an inverted u-shape while inhaling and then arching it reverse while exhaling is a great way to cool down and normalise your breathing. You can also roll on your back with your arms clasping your bent legs. Use a Yoga mat to roll on, as this will help massaging your back along the spine. Finish it up with Vajrasana where you fold your legs underneath and sit on them with your palms on your thighs and eyes closed. A peaceful climax to a power-packed exercise routine.
    • A fitter ‘you’ – This simple exercise routine would keep you in good shape and physically active. And all it takes is twenty precious minutes every day!

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