• Have you tried turmeric latte

    Have you tried Turmeric Latte

    You must have heard of the newest health drink on the block – Turmeric Latte! This “golden milk” or turmeric latte is fast becoming popular in the west, amongst those who take their health and naturopathy rather seriously. For long, turmeric milk has been a popular medicinal drink in the South East Asian countries, taking care of health issues ranging from common cold to fevers, and burns and wounds. However, turmeric latte has given this medicinal concoction a tastier and much welcome twist.

    What exactly is Turmeric Latte & what is the shout about?

    Basically, it is a latte where your good old coffee is substituted with a spoon of freshly grated turmeric root (or dry powder) and a dash of cinnamon. There are many variations to the turmeric latte recipes that use almond or coconut milk (preferred by vegans) and add ginger, honey and black pepper, that make it tastier and more palatable for those who are not used to the dry and tart flavour of turmeric. It is also available with an espresso shot, and an iced version.

    Turmeric has medicinal properties and including it in your daily diet makes it highly beneficial for your general health. Due to its ease of preparation and taste, turmeric latte is seen as a preferable way of consuming turmeric in your everyday diet.

    Furthermore, coffee is slowly losing its sheen with health conscious people due to caffeine and other health concerns that have been attributed to its addictive and heavy consumption. Turmeric latte in this scenario presents itself as a perfect and healthy alternative to a caffeinated drink.

    Benefits of Turmeric

    Let us now list down various health benefits of this wonder spice and medicinal herb that has made its way into your daily cuppa:-

    • Anti-inflammatory properties – Turmeric helps in healing cuts and injuries expeditiously. It also acts as a natural pain killer. Turmeric not only soothes sore bone joints due to injuries and onset of arthritis but also helps in preventing it altogether. Some studies have found turmeric to be more effective than medicines in repairing and relieving from the painful effects and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Proven anti-septic – In India, fresh turmeric paste is smeared on burns and cuts, and warm turmeric milk is given to patients to keep infections at bay. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds that make it a very good medicine in case of injuries and infections.
    • Good for skin – Application of turmeric by adding it to facial creams can lend a nice glow to the skin. It also aids skin regeneration which helps in getting rid of old and dead cells thereby rejuvenating the skin.
    • Anti-carcinogenic properties – The compounds present in turmeric help in preventing tumours and cancer in the body. It is also known to slow down the progress and fight against cancerous growths as it effectively destroys free radicals in the body owing to its anti-oxidant properties.
    • Diabetes Doctor – Studies show that turmeric lowers blood glucose levels and improves long-term complications of diabetes.
    • Stops brain drain – Turmeric is also known to aid production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a deficiency of which is associated with various brain diseases including Alzheimer’s and depression.
    • Improves overall cardiac health – Active compounds in turmeric help in maintaining the lining of blood vessels known as Endothelium. This in turns facilitate functions like blood clotting and regulates a healthy blood pressure.
    • Improves digestion – Eating turmeric on a daily basis produces and releases bile, which helps in digestion of food. It also protects the liver and regenerates damaged liver cells, and improves the overall functioning of the gallbladder.

    This wonder herb can be integrated in the daily diet very easily. You may add it to your food, stews and vegetable preparations by tempering it in heated oil to alleviate the dry flavour. However, easiest of them all is to add it to warm milk and make your own turmeric latte!


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