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Mega Life sciences is a maverick organization founded on simple universal values. MEGA is a people centric organization which believes in goodness of people and gives an opportunity to people to make careers, improve their own lives as they are improving lives of their customers and partners.

Happy place to work

Building a happy place to work for

We care about freedom, and in yours and every ones’ right to express themselves and act in the right manner. We care about respect, respecting differences, respecting views and our colleagues and partners.

Our work is a journey, guided by simple aspirations, inspired by extraordinary will power and fortified by honest intentions, the journey to improve lives.

Your life journey will be guided by these values to make MEGA a place where you and your future generations would like to give time and energy to change the world.

Caring begins at home. Every member of the team is part of this caring culture and has a responsibility to work with their immediate team members with respect.

We strive to create a holistic sense of work, where one is free to consider other perspectives, to learn new thinking and challenge existing ways, leading to each one growing in the jobs they do and feel loved and respected for their contribution in building a caring company.

We strive to create a good work place and environment. We walk the valueswe talk and encourage everyone to dothe same for creating and maintaining a culture where people feel free to contribute his or her own ideas, feel secure and encouraged to take calculated risks; where mistakes are not a dead end but an opportunity to learn. This culture is essential for nurturing one’s own future with MEGA and creating a place which they own and feel proud to be part of.

Creating Owners Improving Lives

Every member of the Mega team is an owner of a way of life. Our daily lives are driven by a simple cause: To improve lives, to care for human wellness and to help people stay healthy as long as they live. It’s a cause that unites our 4,000-strong team across the world, sparking ingenuity, passion and a zest for life. They have created a learning organization that believes in Thinking, Changing and Growing.

Caring for human wellness is far more than just a company goal – it’s at the beating heart of an ambitious and proud company culture, a culture that cultivates innovation and continuous improvement.

At the core of the Mega culture is Respect, Freedom, Trust and Truth:

Respect: for each other’s differences, diversity and points of view are celebrated and encouraged

Freedom: in work and personal lives

Trust: our people as adults who know what needs to be done. We are also committed to developing mutual trust and respect in our suppliers, distributors, customers, as well as the countries in which we operate.

Truth: in everything we do. We uphold truth in all aspects of our business: our products meet international standards, our product doses and ingredients are precise, we make no exaggerating claims, and we give no false promises.

We have a ‘people first’ culture that emphasizes educating and developing the skills of our managers and employees, and is based on the objective of bringing the best out of people by focusing on their strengths. In doing so, our team has participated in workshops with experts such as best-selling authors Marshall Goldsmith, Ram Charan and PacoUnderhill, marketing gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout, and strengths coach Marcus Buckingham, among others.

Every single Mega employee is touched by this mission. We provide world’s best-practice tools for them to grow and prosper. A great example is the Mega Master Manager Program, a one year program with monthly workshops, experiential learning, reflection, and personal development plans. High-potential managers from this program are nurtured with further formal education at universities.

Mega is committed to sharing wealth with those who help create it. It is a life long mission, and each Mega employee is an owner, whether through holding shares, or simply owning the moments of making a difference in the lives of customers and consumers.

As well as creating champions of the cause of healthy living, our ‘People First’ approach inspires tangible growth in our business: great people create great customer experiences, and these experiences drive success in our chosen markets.

An inspiring, passionate culture where good people thrive and contribute and give their best – this is what makes Mega different.

Minds We Share

At Mega, knowledge is sacred. We seek knowledge from various sources. We believe pursuit of knowledge keeps us humble, agile and at the top of our game. We believe the application of world-class knowledge guided by our Mega Values is the cornerstone of Mega culture.

We regularly gather to exchange knowledge and gain wisdom at Minds We Share, a conclave where we invite world-renowned speakers to offer new perspectives, which participants then cascade to their worldwide teams. Recent world-renowned facilitators have included Dr. Park, Partner of Blue Ocean Strategy, Dr. ClotaireRapaille, author of ‘The Culture Code’, Jason Jennings, Curt W Coffman, Dr. Eric De Smet, Fredrik Haren, Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittell and Robert Spector.Our teams leave Minds We Share refreshed and empowered to be bold, to be courageous, and to challenge conventional wisdom.

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