Mega As an Employer

Mega Life sciences is a maverick organization founded on simple universal values. MEGA is a people centric organization which believes in goodness of people and gives an opportunity to people to make careers, improve their own lives as they are improving lives of their customers and partners.

Mega way of life is to improve lives, to care for human wellness and to help people stay healthy as long as they live. Mega offers a great culture where good people thrive and contribute and give their best.

When you walk through work space and meet colleagues you would notice the hues of friendly atmosphere across hierarchy. You will feel the emotional connect between the people and at the heart of it, you will find the true essence of Mega- Care.

As a testimony of this you will meet many people who have for decades, happily maintained their long association with us.

Our organization is a far cry from the typical structured compartmentalized large organization most may have seen before Mega. People are allowed to work with creativity, freedom and ingenuity. We believe that by doing so we enable creation of an owner who takes full responsibility of his/her piece of work.

At Mega we call this “ Creating owners… Improving Lives”

We strive to create a holistic sense of work, where one is free to consider other perspectives, to learn new thinking and challenge existing ways, leading to each one growing in the jobs they do and feel loved and respected for their contribution in building a caring company.

We strive to create a good work place and environment. We walk the values we talk and encourage everyone to do the same for creating and maintaining a culture where people feel free to contribute his or her own ideas, feel secure and encouraged to take calculated risks; where mistakes are not a dead end but an opportunity to learn.

We care is our way of doing things every day and with everyone who we touch and associate with.

We care for the people who work with us and encourage our team members to do the same.

We care about trust, truth in everything we do and in every action.

We care about trust, the trust in people, partners and customers.

Our culture helps and individual to nurture one’s own future with Mega and creating a workplace which they own and feel proud to be part of.

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