PRIM E 1000 PRIM E 1000 PRIM E 1000

PRIM E 1000

No more PMS symptoms

Hey woman, it’s time to stop suffering from your premenstrual syndrome. Evening primrose oil, which is extracted from the seeds of Primrose, has been used for years to restore the balance of hormones in your body which is responsible for creating premenstrual troublesome symptoms. Prim E 1000 contains high quality Evening Primrose oil providing 100mg GLA ; also enriched with vitamin E!

PRIM E 1000

No more PMS pains

One of the most powerful sources of natural GLA.

Prim E 1000 provides 100 mg GLA per capsule. GLA offers help in diabetes by retarding the progression of diabetic neuropathy, potentiates the effort of insulin and increases the feeling of wellbeing. Prim E also can be positioned as a supplement for premenstrual syndromes like breast pain, irritability and stomach aches. In additional, Evening Primrose Oil in Prim E 1000 offers nourishment and moisturization for smooth and beautiful skin.


Each capsules of Prim E 1000 contains :

  • Evening Primrose Oil : 1000 mg
  • Providing Linoleic Acid (LA) : 700 mg
  • Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) : 100 mg
  • Natural Vitamin E : 15 mg
PRIM E 1000

Evening primrose oil is rich in Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). A substance which helps maintain the balance of the hormone-like prostaglandins which control many body functions. A good dietary supplement during menstruation and during menopause.

PRIM E 1000

1 capsule three times daily.

PRIM E 1000
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Our products are available in the following countries:

  • Myanmar
  • Sri Lanka
PRIM E 1000

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