Environmental Sustainability

Green Mega

Mega is committed to Eco-friendly practices, as part of our drive to protect the environment. We are an active participant in the Green Industry Certification initiative of the Ministry of Industry in Thailand, and expect to continue to progress through certification levels over coming years. We aspire to efficiently utilize resources, reduce pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Green Mega 2019


  • Completed Installation of 957 KWp Solar Power plant at New Warehouse which is designed to avoid 1000 tons of Carbon foot print Annually.
  • 40% products at plant-2 are currently produced with Clean energy.
  • New Clean Warehouse is in operation at Bangpu.
  • Celebrated Environmental Day Event

Green Mega 2018


  • Waste reduction Achieved by Delivering O.E.E Target in Packing lines.
  • Approved 1 MM USD Investment for 957 KWp Solar Roof top Energy Saving for New Warehouse.
  • Energy Audit completed and Approved Dehumidifier Efficiency Improvement Project in Plant 1 and Plant 2.


We stopped using the plastic water bottles and started to use glass jar for all guests and placed it in all meeting and training rooms in Mega Lifesciences Ltd Myanmar since the end of the year 2018 and contribute refillable water bottle to all mega employee since the year 2016 for encouraging the sustainable and green environment.

Maxxcare Inauguration of 400 KVA Solar Plant @ Maxxcare Ltd Distribution Center, another remarkable milestone of Mega Lifesciences Ltd Myanmar

  • Maxxcare’s Yangon Distribution Center was designed to be environmentally friendly. However at present in the absence of grid power it operates on its two 1000 KVA Diesel generators.
  • The recently commissioned 400KW Solar Plant provides enough energy to enable minimal Generator usage during the daytime.
  • The solar plant will generate about 6 Lakh Kilo Watt Hours per year preventing 11,340 Tons of Carbon emission.
  • The facility uses low energy Philips LED lights minimizing consumption.
  • Maxxcare has a plan to recycle, reuse and reduce consumables in its new Distribution Center - particularly packing materials.

    Vitacap Teak Trees Planting in Hlawgar Wildlife Park

    Total number of trees plant is 543.


Green Mega 2017


  • New Clean warehouse design Approved at Bangpu.
  • Focussed Efficiency Improvement Program launched at Bangpu.


As a global effort to fight climate change, we made Vitacap Tree Planting in Thanlyin Township in cooperation with Mega Lifesciences Ltd Myanmar and Forestry Department.


Green Mega 2016


  • Plant -1 and Zone-2 of Plant-2 completed with 100% LED bulbs.
  • Mega Bangpu Plant Recieved Level -3 Green Industry Award.Environmental day Celebrated at Bangpu on 6th April.
  • Highbay Lightning changed to Energy efficient Lighting and 36288 KWH Units saved & LED in office


Pine Tree Planting Activities by Senior Managers of Mega Myanmar @ Kalaw, the Town of Pines in the course of 7th Popa


Green Mega 2015

We aspire to efficiently utilize resources, reduce pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we have implemented a number of practical initiatives in our manufacturing facilities, such as building a new underground waste water treatment plant, converting to natural gas boilers, energy-saving T5 lighting and non-CFC air conditioning and saving energy through variable speed drive motors.

Our new plant in Australia has also been designed with environmental considerations in mind, with 400 photovoltaic solar panels generating 100 kW of renewable energy, which is around one third of total peak demand. Factory lighting consists of over 300 high-efficiency, low-energy demand LED lights.

Mega Lifesciences plans to:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 1%
  • Change all lamps to LED technology
  • Install Solar cells for outdoor lamps
  • Install dedicated light switches instead of common switches for large areas.
  • Introduce 5 day week.

Mega Thailand

  • Mangrove plantations at Bangpoo, Thailand were arranged by the Mega Thailand Marketing team.
  • We also celebrated the World Environment Day 2014.

Green Mega 2015

Install Solar cells for outdoor lamps


Green Mega 2014

Green Industry

Mega achieved the Level 2 Green Industry Certification awarded by the Ministry of Industry for both the manufacturing locations in Thailand.

ISO 14001:2004

  • In 2014 Mega Lifesciences set up a team to understand the requirements.
  • Established the documents and implemented the ISO 14001:2004 standard and conducted an Internal Audit.
  • A pre-audit was conducted by NQA C.S. Thailand limited and no nonconformities were found and we were recommended to the certification body UKAS.
  • We expect to be awarded the ISO 14001:2004 in April 2015

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