Human Resources Sustainability

Mega People, values and Culture

”Creating Owners… Improving Lives”

MEGA is a people centric organization which believes in goodness of people and gives an opportunity to people to make careers, improve their own lives as they are improving lives of their customers and partners.

  • At the core of the Mega culture is Respect, Freedom, Trust and Truth:
  • Respect: for each other’s differences
  • Freedom: in work and personal lives
  • Trust: our people as adults who know what needs to be done.
  • Truth: in everything we do.

Human Capital Development

Mega Academy arranges a variety of training programs and workshops for the people at Mega Lifesciences.

‘MINDS WE SHARE ‘ at Mega Lifesciences, is an approach to organize hands-on meets with the purposeof exchanging knowledge and gain wisdom, a conclave where we invite world-renowned speakers to offer new perspectives, which participants then cascade to their worldwide teams. Recent world-renowned facilitators have included Dr. Park, Partner of Blue Ocean Strategy, Dr. ClotaireRapaille, author of ‘The Culture Code’, Jason Jennings, Curt W Coffman, Dr. Eric De Smet, Fredrik Haren, Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittell and Robert Spector.

These forums were the genesis of our passion for ‘Employee Evangelism & Ownership’, and ‘Creating Owners, Improving Lives’.

We engage our teams by enlisting their participation in workshops with management gurus and best-selling authors like Marshall Goldsmith, Ram Charan and Paco Underhill, marketing gurus like AlRies and Jack Trout, strengths coach Marcus Buckingham and The Lean Start up by Eric Ries.

Mega Academy has designed and implemented the Mega Master Management (MMM) program in collaboration with leading university of Thailand, The Mahidol University, to provide tools to managers, to improve skills, knowledge and methods for enabling them to successfully lead a team towards Mega’s goals and aims at delivering enhanced employee engagement, empowerment, commitment, retention and productivity improvement. The program extends over a period of 12 months and includes classroom training for at least one day per month. The program includes conception, discussion and implementation of projects and concludes with a certificate from Mahidol University’s Centre for Management.

The program is also offered in shorter version under a ‘MMM – Mini’ which mainly facilitates induction.

67,380 hours of training in 2018 globally at various locations of Mega Lifesciences"

Skill and knowledge development programs are designed to deliver leadership, behavioral and technical skills making Mega’s human capital ready to meet business challenges and reach organizational goals.

Executive education and leadership development at mega is a one on one approach driven by the immediate coach. Colleagues undergo various trainings in the organization as well as with external bodies and universities. Few to name are Minds We Share at Mega, SASIN Thailand, IIM-Ahmedabad India, Institute Of Directors (IOD), Thailand, MahidolUniversityThailand and more. The executive education and leadership development interventions aims at developing future leaders by bring them knowledge, skills and experience to lead influentially and enhance business results.

4400 employees in Indo-China (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia) of which 54% females and 46% males.

Employee remuneration and benefits

Allowances Awards based on years of service
Bonuses Benevolent funds
Incentives Protective equipment
Share based payments Overtime payments
Provident Fund Support for employee and family bereavement
Social Security Diet planning and healthy living
Employee education Accident Insurance

Employee Rights

The Company respects Human rights and provides healthy and hygienic working conditions. Mega Lifesciences respects and observes the labour laws of the country of its operations and files the reports as required by law within due dates. The Company’s Business Ethics and Code of Conduct bars discrimination on any grounds.

Good Health By Yourself (GHBY)

Mega Lifesciences wants to creates good health ambassadors by promoting good health among all the employees and desires that each of the 5,500 plus employees.

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Why would you like to work for Mega Lifesciences?

The Company not only provides good career by developing, encouraging and empowering employees to attain their potential through a remuneration under a wide spectrum of salaries, incentives, allowances, variable incentives, long term rewards like Stock Options and Share Warrants but also provides a platform for relationships and engagement at a personal and family level. Workplace relationships are encouraged by organizing activities and events like water festival, merit making, charity trips, yearend parties, etc

Health and Safety

Mega Lifesciences maintains safety records for reporting to the Ministry of Labour and also to the Management and Board of Directors of Mega Lifesciences.

The Company has a dedicated Safety team for its manufacturing locations and has safety code for its manufacturing as well as logistics facilities which mandates the employees to adhere to strict standards of safety.

‘Zero’ Cases of dismemberment have been reported in Mega Lifesciences globally.

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