Mega We Care: Communities & Society

Mega Wellness foundation

Mega Lifesciences encourages its offices worldwide to identify means of engagement with the society. The Company has a policy to set aside 2% of its Profits After Tax for various activities under its ‘Creating Shared Value’ drive.

Donor for Life

As a true contributor to the countries in which we operate, we are committed to providing assistance in times of need. Over the past year, this has included flood relief in Thailand, and in the Philippines. In both cases, our approach was not only providing financial donations, but first also helping our employees then empowering them to help our customers with food and other supplies.

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Good Health by yourself

Good Health By Yourself is Mega's initiative to empower and inspore our own people and communities to take health into their own hands.

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Customers We Care

Mega Lifesciences’ s Business Ethics and Code of Conduct lays down clearly Mega’s obligation to supply good quality products to its customers. We believe in building our stakeholders and actively engaging them. The Company recently implemented a state-of-art ‘Mega Customer Relations Management’ (CRM) system to ensure connectivity and promote relationships with the Customers.

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Suppliers We Care

Mega Lifesciences’ Business Ethics and Code of Conduct clearly lays down that we shall deal with our suppliers in a fair manner and ensure that business is done at competitive prices. It is in the Company’s interest to have a sustainable supply chain by allowing reasonable profits for development objectives and fair business practices. We ensure that our suppliers respect human rights and environment obligations.

We conduct regular supplier audits and our procurement policy requires that we appoint suppliers after due audit and evaluation. Mega Lifesciences has instituted a supplier approval process for all its suppliers.

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Our Leadership

Meet our board of directors who carries the main responsibility...

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Mega Journey

Passion, Machines & Soft gelatine capsules – This is the story we tell to...

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