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creating shared value

Central to the Mega Way in all of the 29 countries where we operate is the concept of Creating Shared Value.

To us, that means going beyond the traditional parameters of Corporate Social Responsibility. It means embracing an entire philosophy of generating economic value while achieving social value. Simultaneously it means connecting our success to the success of the communities where we operate. It means practicing what we preach in terms of caring for Human Wellness – economic wellness, physical wellness, and social wellness.

From building talent and creating jobs in the markets where we work, to spreading the wisdom of self-care, to successfully pursuing ISO 14000 certification for our production facilities, Creating Shared Value is not just at the periphery of what we do: it is at the center of it.

Good Health By Yourself

Part of Mega’s unique contribution to Shared Value is our ability to empower people to take care of their own health and wellness. Self-care is at the heart of our thinking on health – reducing the burden on national healthcare systems in the countries that can least afford it.

With our resources for analysis and diagnostics and our ability to build knowledge and capacity, we are in a uniquely privileged position to inspire and enable both our team and our communities to actively pursue good health. Hence the Good Health By Yourself program.

For our employees, we focus on increasing physical activity, encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle, improving health knowledge and encouraging appropriate preventive care. We offer comprehensive medical coverage to employees in markets where this is often unheard of, with annual check-ups and individualized advice on healthy living along with incentives for pursuing healthy ways of life.

Mega shares this with our communities by regularly conductingknowledge-building workshops and detection and diagnostic camps for health conditions often endemic to developing societies. These include:

  • Anemia detection camps, to identify iron deficiency in many of the impoverished communities where we work.
  • Bone health detection camps, to help in early detection of osteoporosis.
  • Diabetes and blood pressure awareness, through educating healthcare providers and reaching the wider public through activities such as diagnostic camps.
  • Mother and child care in high infant mortality environments, through workshops on healthy pregnancy and child development.

Green Mega

Sustainability is also a cornerstone of our approach to Creating Shared Value. In Thailand, we have achieved Green Industry Certification Level 2 (Green Activity) for both our Soi 6 and Soi 8 plants in SamutPrakan under the Green Industry Initiative of the Ministry of Industry. Meanwhile, we have also successfully completed the audits for ISO 14001 certification for an Environmental Management System (EMS), and will be receiving official recognition in 2015.

In all of our production and storage processes we work to effectively utilize resources, reduce pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we have implemented a number of practical initiatives in our manufacturing facilities, such as building an underground waste water treatment plant, converting to natural gas boilers and dehumidifiers, energy-saving T5 lighting and non-CFC air conditioning and saving energy through variable speed drive motors.

Our recently-built Australia plant has also been designed to the most rigorous environmental standards, with 400 photovoltaic solar panels generating 100 kW of renewable energy, approximately one third of total peak demand. Factory lighting consists of over 300 high-efficiency, low-energy demand LED lights.

Mega We Care Wellness Foundation

Creating Shared Value is not just philanthropy. Nevertheless, it makes us proud to be able to plow a significant proportion of our profits back into the communities where we work to achieve sustainable growth benefiting all. To this end, the Mega We Care Wellness Foundation set aside two percent of our profits after tax to sustainable development initiatives leveraging not only our funding but our healthcare expertise as well.

Vivek Dhawan

CEO & Chief Coach

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