Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a part of Mega Lifesciences’ policies, processes, procedures and reporting. It is embedded in the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct. Stakeholder engagement manifests in various forms.

Stakeholders Engagment Expected Outcomes
Shareholders, Analysts and
Financial Institutions
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Annual Report
  • Earnings Calls
  • Roadshows
  • Questions and Answers
  • Complaints
  • Factory Visits
  • Sustainable Return on Investment
  • Long term sustainable strategy
  • Good Governance
  • Regular visits
  • Knowledge building programs through keynote speakers and other programs
  • Training and Development
  • Good Quality Products/ Services
  • Consumer education
  • Consumer feedback and reporting related training.
  • Regular meetings
  • Supplier Code
  • Supplier audits
  • Fair relationships
  • Long terms
  • Newsletters (Mega Views News)
  • Minds we Share meets
  • Annual Trips/ picnics
  • Appraisal meetings
  • Good remuneration
  • Decent working conditions
  • Career path, security, benefits and training.
  • Regular Involvement with communities
  • Long term community and social development.
  • Filing reports and returns
  • Responding to directives, queries, etc
  • Payment of taxes Compliance with laws

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