Truth about living with Covid

Covid | Talk Show | Khun Vivek & Dr. Sant| 58 mins view



Truth About Living with Covid

This talk show is a Mega We care initiative, where Chief coach of Mega Lifesciences Khun Vivek Dhawan is in conversation with Chief wellness officer Dr. Sant; to help us search for the truth behind all the stories we hear in news on Covid.

With so much information on Covid, (a lot of which is conflicting) we the common people are often left confused.

This endeavor is about a search for finding simple answers to our everyday questions on how to live with Covid?

We do not aim to find faults or crucify anyone.

It is all about a scientific journey to get around the medical jargon and to make sense of it for the common person.

It is not a claim to fame that we know all.

Using our judgement after studying the available evidence by the experts, it is an endeavour to bring this information to you.

So you can help yourself to stay healthy as long as you live.

It is about good health by yourself.