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Modern medicine’s state of knowledge is still far away from being able to cure most cancers. We know that the body’s immune system and healing processes are the most reliable defences against cancer, but today’s cancer treatments aim only to remove cancer cells from the body, without addressing the underlying factors that helped contribute to the mutation of cancer cells, especially stress and anxiety, rocky relationships, hectic lifestyles, diets of junk food, and a lack of life goals or meaning. This Cancer Retreat aims to help patients stop old cancer-promoting habits and adopt a new lifestyle that will empower them with physical and mental energy, so that they may live life to nature’s full potential.

During our Cancer retreat 4 days and 3 nights program, you will be immersed in evidence based lifestyle practices, 7 steps strategy to promote healing, boost immunity, reduce stress and create clarity of mind at a time when it’s needed most. 

Learn cooking techniques and recipes, that will get you started right away with whole plant based cooking in your home!  You will get a chance to taste all that is made at the end of the class. 

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