MEGA Objective

Since 1982, we at MEGA have aimed to improve your health with our products. With our international accreditation, we're committed to providing only the best quality of medications and supplements to our customers.

We uphold truth in all key aspects


Our products meet the standards


We make no exaggerating claims


The doses go by the measure


We give no false promises

Established in 1982, MEGA Lifesciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing herbal medicines, OTC and prescription drugs, as well as nutritional supplements, in developing countries.

MEGA Lifesciences is committed to providing quality products & services to our customers & consumers through constant improvement and innovation.

Our manufacturing facilities located in Thailand, Australia & Indonesia, have received international accreditation from reputed health authorities around the world for our stellar manufacturing practices.

We currently have offices in 18 countries and we export to the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, CIS-Countries, Latin America and Europe.

The four pillars of the MEGA values consist of - respect for the individuals' differences, freedom in work and personal life, trust in our people, and truth in whatever we do.

There is transparency in our actions and decisions. The company's salary and reward structure is transparent and at par with industry standards. We have a well-documented incentive scheme for all members of the company.

The MEGA commitment is to provide quality products and services to the customers, suppliers, and consumers through constant improvement and innovation.

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The MEGA Way is to build a THINKING organisation which will CHANGE before it is forced to and Live and GROW beyond each of us

MEGA Commitment

MEGA is committed to provide Quality Products and Services to our Customers through Constant Improvement and Innovation

MEGA Values

RESPECT each others differences. FREEDOM in your work and personal lives. TRUST you as an adult. TRUTH in what we do everyday.

MEGA Dharma

WE CARE For your wellness For your health For you to stay healthy as long as you live...