MEGA is more than just an organization, it's a way of life. Only with experienced thought leadership, strong follow through, and a willingness to grow do we have a ticket to a brighter future.

A thinking organisation

MEGA is a deep-thinking organization, where we strive to allow people the opportunity to learn from the best. We want to encourage not just thinking about everything we do, but the why and how of it too.

Only by using our freedom to question do we challenge outdated methods and traditions, in order to form new ideas. Seek new solutions, find new approaches and exploit new opportunities to work together with us, to build a better MEGA.

A thinking organisation

Live and grow beyond us

Change before forced to change

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MEGA Values

RESPECT each others differences. FREEDOM in your work and personal lives. TRUST you as an adult. TRUTH in what we do everyday.

MEGA Objective

MEGA's objective is to create value by Marketing and Selling Medicines in Developing Countries

MEGA Commitment

MEGA is committed to provide Quality Products and Services to our Customers through Constant Improvement and Innovation

MEGA Dharma

WE CARE For your wellness For your health For you to stay healthy as long as you live...