Research & Development

We believe a critical component of the ongoing success and sustainable growth of our branded products business is our ability to develop and introduce new products into our portfolio. We ensure each of our products passes through a strictly monitored pipeline, from product identification, through development, manufacturing, and finally to launch.

Our development so far

From January 1, 2008 until June 30, 2013, we successfully launched 88 new MEGA We care products, comprised of 15 nutraceutical, 68 prescription pharmaceutical, and five OTC products.

We currently have a product development pipeline of 139 new unique formulations, of which 73 have already had registrations applied for and are pending approval, with an additional 66 unique formulations in various stages of development.


Our expert crew

Responsibility for research and development lies with the product development department of the company. Our product development department is comprised of two teams. Our in-house product development team is based in Samut Prakarn, Thailand.

Our product outsourcing team meanwhile is based in Mumbai, India, which is focused on sourcing new product candidates developed by third parties. As of March 31, 2013, we employed 44 professionals in our product development teams.

Product DevelopmentProduct Development

Product development

We employ a market driven approach to product development and focus on leveraging our advantageous existing market position to introduce new products and extend existing lines in response to changes in market demand.

A laser-focused process

Our advantage is our ability to bring new products to market faster than our competitors, based on our extensive experience in product development and registration in our markets. The development period for our new products, right from identification through registration takes between 9 to 12 months. Product approval and launch times vary from country to country and may take up to 12-18 months.


Our nutraceutical development focuses on identifying clinically-effective and safe product candidates

Prescription Pharmaceutical
Prescription Pharmaceutical

We seek popular products of major pharmaceutical companies for which patents are expiring

OTC Products
OTC Products

For OTC products, we focus on factors like faster relief, ease of use, and better formulations

Selecting new products

When it comes to selecting new products all our major departments coordinate to make a decision, right from the sales and marketing team, to finance, to medical affair, and beyond. We evaluate the science and intellectual property behind potential new products, following which we formulate a proposal covering manufacturing, intellectual property, regulatory criteria, and more in order to make a final decision.

Once a new product proposal is approved, we elect to develop new product candidates either in-house, or to procure them from third party technical dossiers to submit them for regulatory approval.


Thailand-based product development team

Our team in Thailand is responsible for in-house product development activities and is focused on prescription, OTC and nutraceutical products.

Its activities typically include product formulation development, analytical development and validation, process validation, testing, and gathering other technical data needed to prepare a new product technical dossier for regulatory filing.


India-based product development team

Our Indian team is responsible for outsourced product development activities and is generally focused on identifying and sourcing existing dossiers for new generic prescription pharmaceutical products available for licensing from developers and partners.

As these prescription pharmaceutical product candidates have existing technical dossiers, we are able to proceed immediately to product registration in our markets.