Passionate guardians of health

Ensuring the best of health for millions of people - as long as they live.

CEO's message

We are doing everything possible to bring the right knowledge to you, so you can make the right choices to manage your health, so you can live life free, independent, and continue walking till you live.

Vivek Dhawan

CEO & Chief Coach

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Our businesses

MEGA is a leading participant in the health and wellness industry in 30+ developing countries.

Mega We Care 239x184

Help people stay healthy as long as they live

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Maxx Care

Market access solutions in Myanmar, Vietnam & Cambodia

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Nutural We Care 239x184

Inspiring shift to life changing plant based way of living

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Wellness We Care 239x184

Prevent and reserve chronic diseases by yourself

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Our philosophy

MEGA's philosophy empowers individuals for long and healthy lives.


The MEGA Way is to build a THINKING organisation which will CHANGE before it is forced to and Live and GROW beyond each of us

MEGA Values

RESPECT each others differences. FREEDOM in your work and personal lives. TRUST you as an adult. TRUTH in what we do everyday.

MEGA Objective

MEGA's objective is to create value by Marketing and Selling Medicines in Developing Countries

MEGA Commitment

MEGA is committed to provide Quality Products and Services to our Customers through Constant Improvement and Innovation


MEGA Dharma


For your wellness

For your health

For you to stay healthy as long as you live

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Global presence

MEGA stands at the forefront of the health and wellness sector across 30+ emerging countries. Beyond products and services, we provide individuals with the opportunity to embrace a brighter, healthier life.

Global presence

Towards a successful future

Since 1982, MEGA has grown from 2 machines to 6000+ employees worldwide, spreading the reassurance of "We care."

100% Share Ownership

100% Share Ownership

PT Futamed 100% share ownership and name changed to PT MEGA Lifesciences Indonesia. MEGA Products Limited, Yemen is 100% owned Company

About Our Journey

Our leadership

Our success story at MEGA is woven together by the commitment and passion of those who have worked tirelessly to advance the development and influence of our brand.


Research and Development

Critical to our ongoing success and sustainability is our commitment to developing and introducing new products that prioritise consumer health, safety and efficacy.


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